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Chelsea bought defender Chilwell at a record price in the history of the club

Chelsea bought a defender at a club-record price Chilwell grew up from Leicester’s training ground. The 23-year-old defender played 123 games for Leicester in all competitions. Last season, he and his teammates were in the top 4

Premier League welcomes Messi and the former World Cup top scorer

The summer 2020 transfer market is about to receive an unbelievable shock. That is, Lionel Messi will leave Barcelona after 17 years with the club. He is looking to escape on a free transfer, but if that

Interesting facts you may not know about football in British

In England, football is always considered the national identity. It shows the spirit and position of this country in the world. Football has always been a hotly debated topic, sometimes bringing both joy and regret to me

Top the best football players in the Premier League 2019

The Premier League is one of the most favorite football leagues in the UK as well in the world. If you are a fan of football, you feel disappointed when can’t see full matches of this league.

Top the best football players in the Premier League 2019

To understand detail about the Premier League which is considered as one of the most favorite football events in the world although it is only the national football league in the UK, we will continue to share

Premier League: Which giant has the highest trust from the dealer? (Part 1)

Before the Premier League in the new season 2019/20 started, the “Big 6” in the country of fog has been evaluated by prestigious dealers about the ability to compete for the championship, and the top 4 competition