Premier League: Which giant has the highest trust from the dealer? (Part 1)

Before the Premier League in the new season 2019/20 started, the “Big 6” in the country of fog has been evaluated by prestigious dealers about the ability to compete for the championship, and the top 4 competition is very unpredictable.

As planned, the Premier League (Premier League) of the 2019/20 season will kick off the first round on August 10 and 11. Before the most attractive league in the world came back to the fans, many questions were raised about the number 1 candidate for the championship in the foggy season of the new season?

Will be one of the giants of “Big 6” or a shocking “strange wind” of Leicester City claim Premier League championship after 38 matches next season? Remember, Man City successfully defended the Premier League championship last season after a fierce race to the final round with Liverpool.

According to a prestigious betting company in England, Man City – defending champion of the English Premier League is still believed to be the 3rd consecutive year champion. Pep Guardiola’s teachers and students were expected to win an average of 90.5 points, 7.5 points lower than the previous season but still better than Liverpool – the team believed to be the second year in a row to finish second place.

According to this page, Arsenal and MU will, in turn, be able to win only 70.5 points and 67.5 points, ranking fifth and sixth as the previous season.

But the two positions are right behind the champions Man City and the Liverpool runners-up last season and are in the top 4 with Chelsea (third) and Tottenham (fourth) able to reverse each other’s positions, due to “Rooster to London “retained many of the pillars after winning the Champions League second place last season, while the” Blues “of new manager Frank Lampard has not found a star to replace Eden Hazard.