Sports betting legalisation is a deal which the US is yet to sign. As much as the US government fears that legalising it would do more harm than good, a quick peek at some of the facts behind sports betting legalisation in Britain might ease the fear.

It is More than 60 Years Old

Sports betting in the UK was brought to light in 1961. It has been years since the industry was made legal, which is a sign that it could be a viable business. Profits on betting are subject to a 15% tax, which is an excellent contribution to a country’s economy.

More People Visit Betting Shops than Church

It is not surprising that since the legalisation of sports betting, people would slowly embrace the idea as a common communal practice. This could be the reason why more people go to betting shops compared to those who go to church.

It is Slowly Replacing Pubs as a Community Meeting Place for Men

It is not often you find women around bookmakers. In most cases, you will find men communing inside and outside bookmakers. Thus, these bookmakers are trying to make more family-friendly shops.

It Reduced the Rumours on Game Fixing

Contrary to many beliefs, legalising betting did not open more loopholes for game fixings. Even though there might never be a perfect bet, the government has made the bets more fair to the punters. Also, because the government is keeping a close eye on the betting systems, game fixing incidences have reduced.

Partnerships Between Sports Leagues and Gambling Operators

It is now standard practice for major sports leagues to partner with gambling operators. Most of the time, the operators offer great sponsorships, showing their support for local and international leagues.

Even though the gambling act might need some more adjustments, it still remains effective legislation to date.