When it comes to sporting activities, one of the countries that is very into sports is Britain. Right from producing international superstars to winning trophies in champions all over the globe, the British have proved that when it comes to sports, they take it seriously. If you are wondering which sports the British take seriously here are some examples.


Soccer is undoubtedly the most popular sport that has been played in Britain for the last couple of years. Many believe that Britain is the home of football with written evidence dating back to as early as 1170. This history could explain why Britain has a knack for producing fantastic football players that wow fans from all over the world.


Most of us have often thought that athletics only involves running from one point to another. In truth, athletics means much more than this. It encompasses walking, throwing, jumping, and running on a track, field or during a road event. Britain is home for some of the most famous athletes that have worn accolades at every major athletic event that you can mention.


Other than being the national sport, cricket is very popular among the British. In the past, it was considered as a game played by the rich on only, but that has changed with time. Today, cricket is played in cities and village greens during summer. Cricket can be played professionally or just for fun.


The history of rugby is one of the most thrilling stories you have probably heard. It came into the forefront when one of the students in Rugby School defied the football rules by picking up the ball by hands and started running with it. Since then rugby has become an everyday sport even among women where it has been reported to be the fastest growing sport.

Betting is available throughout Britain on all of the above sports.