Britain is known for its diversity when it comes to sports. Sports have a special place when it comes to promoting national cohesion and nurturing talented athletes. Sports are such a big deal in Britain that they attract not only fans from within the country, but from the world over. Here are some interesting facts about sports in Britain.

Cricket is the National Sport in Britain

When we talk about British sports, I can say with a certain degree of certainty that football is the first game which came to your mind. You are right. Football is an immensely popular sport, and Britain is known for producing many great players. However, the undoubted irony is that it is not the national sport. The national sport is cricket, and it is the second most popular sport. Cricket is an exciting sport, as it is not limited to gender or age, and can be played indoors or outdoors.

Britain Invented Most of the Sports We Know These Days

You’ve probably been engaging in sports without knowing who discovered them. Britain is well known for the invention of most of the games which are played today. Some of the sports they invented date back to as early as the nineteenth century, while others originated not so long ago. From cricket to golf, Britain has been considered the mother of sports inventions.

Toe Wrestling is a British Sport

Apart from the regular sports, we know the British people often engage in some very peculiar sports such as toe wrestling. Just like the name suggests, toe wrestling is a fight with the toes. Two players lock their big toes and try to wrestle their opponent’s feet to a selected area at the side of the ring. Sprained ankles and broken toes are part of the injuries players are likely to get while competing in this sport.