The sports betting industry in Britain is a multi-billion pound business, and its growth potential is very high. With the UK being the number one football betting country, trends in the sport very much affect the changes in the betting scene. Here are some significant facts associated with football and betting in Britain.

Gambling Company’s Partnerships with Football Clubs

It is no secret that many football clubs are signing partnership agreements with betting companies. In 2017, about eight clubs wore jerseys with the logo of a famous gambling company. In 2018, the number increased to 13 out of the 20 registered clubs.

A Rise in the UK Betting Sponsorships

As of 2016, statistics proved that there was an over 170% increase in the sponsorship of football clubs from betting companies. This number was projected to increase since most betting companies try their best to engage with customers through football clubs. The other advantage which comes with such sponsorships is that the betting companies receive a lot of exposure, meaning that they have more to gain with such deals.

Increase in the Number of Football Fans Placing Bets

According to the same above statistics, about 11.5 million football fans claimed to have at least placed one bet in the previous 12 months. This accounts for about 64% of the total number of football fans. It, therefore, proves, that there is a high probability of a football fan also becoming a punter.

Trends in Betting Shops

In 2015, the UK Gambling Commission released statistical evidence of there being 8809 betting shops in the UK. However, according to statistics, the number reduced to 8400 in 2018. The ease of mobile betting could be the main reason for the drop, with more people betting in real time from the comfort of their homes.

The above facts show how football correlates with betting in Britain, and why betting companies see the need to engage with football fans.