There is nothing like being too creative to come up with a sport in Britain. When it comes to games, it not about the regular human races or jumping ropes. The British will use anything and everything to spice up their summer. If you think that this is overrated, here are four British sports which you might never have heard about.

Bog Snorkelling

This sport involves swimming in muddy and smelly water with only a snorkel and a pair of flippers to help you survive. The trenches are usually about 60 yards across, and one can wear a wetsuit only if they are in fancy dress. No normal swimming tactics are allowed, only kicking and yelling, as one tries to make it through to the other side using the shortest time possible.

The Tin Bath Race

This race attracts hundreds of participants across Britain and first took place in 1971. Castletown, the Isle of Man, hosts thousands of fans who come from all over the world to watch racers push their baths over 400m. The winner is declared as the one who covers the farthest distance without sinking.

England’s Dorset Knob Throwing Competition

Call it a crazy game or just playing with food, but the people of England love throwing Dorset Knobs (a type of biscuit) and have done it as a game for years. The further a participant’s knob goes with no breakages, the higher the chances of one winning.

Scotland’s Caber Toss

The Scottish Caber Toss was traditionally a game to test men’s strength. Participants are required to toss over a caber (pole) of about 19 feet and 6 inches with a weight of 175 pounds or 79 kg. The winner is seen as the one who tosses the caber closest to a 12 o’clock position.

Do any of these games look interesting to you? Summer in Britain might give you a chance to participate in one or all four of these games.