Sports betting is not taking any slow turn any time soon. Thanks to modern technology such as mobile phone apps and the easily accessible internet, millions of pounds are transacted daily in betting platforms and casino sites. It is possible to bet on most, if not all, of the most popular sports. Here are the sports which the British people bet most on.

Football Leagues

The first football association was formed in Britain in 1863. It is quite clear why most football fans and punters would come from Britain. The annual gross gaming betting on football yielded £786 million in 2017, covering about 40% of the total gross yield from overall online betting in that period.

Games on Horse Racing

Horse racing betting can be tracked from years before online betting came into light. No surprise that it would come in second in online betting with a gross yield of about £569 million in September 2017. As much as there is a lot of competition with football and tennis betting, horse racing is still very popular with the British punters.


Tennis is picking up quite fast in the betting industry with punters making it one of their favourites. The main reason for its popularity is thanks to the various live streaming options to watch the game, so punters can bet in real time. The game is giving horse racing very stiff competition, so much so, that some analysts think that it might overtake even horse racing.

American Games

American football (NFL), and the NBA basketball leagues are also quite popular with the British punters. Coming in close with the two are ice hockey and baseball (MBL). A lot of bookmakers have noticed the increase in popularity for these games and are now advertising them with more vigour.

More and more sports are finding their way into the betting industry and establishing their niches. Anyone could bet on any or all of these games.