Top the best football players in the Premier League 2019

To understand detail about the Premier League which is considered as one of the most favorite football events in the world although it is only the national football league in the UK, we will continue to share top the best football players in this league in 2019.
In brief, the Premier League 2019 has been closed with success and achievement for many football clubs as well players. Whether they are champion or not, they improve skills and experience to practice for the next season with upcoming positive expectations.
Today we will discuss the 17th to 15th best players in the ranking.
17/ Trent Alexander

He is one of players in Liverpool. In this season, he expresses good attitude and appearance before important matches with Everton, so on. Fans always see he is calm down as well full of energy to compete the best with other opponents. Furthermore, he has also special technique, especially his first touch is incredible and ridiculous so he can make many assists for his teammates.
In general, he is good at forward as well wing-back position.

16/ Nathan Redmond
He is the talented middle for Southampton although he is not obviously honored and highly appreciated by real rewards. By super speed, he takes advantage of it to pace up with the high pressing to pick up ball from his opponents. In 2019, there are many times he can create opportunities for their team to make scores. Estimated that he reached one goal by himself and assisted 9 other chances.

15/ Bernardo Silva

During the 2019 season, he is considered as one of the best players in Man City. When he paces up with ball from other opponents, it looks as if he is playing one game freely with other magical skills in the pitch.
Before other powerful rivals such as Chelsea or West Ham, he is always confident and comfortable to create other opportunities for his team. In final, he created 10 chances correctly and other hundreds of assists