Premier League welcomes Messi and the former World Cup top scorer

The summer 2020 transfer market is about to receive an unbelievable shock. That is, Lionel Messi will leave Barcelona after 17 years with the club. He is looking to escape on a free transfer, but if that does not happen Barca can still sell him to get money.

Lionel Messi may be the blockbuster in Premier League

There is a high possibility that Messi will come to the Premier League. It is known that MU has approached the relatives of the Argentine superstar. However, the most reputable sources said that Messi called his old teacher Pep Guardiola to discuss the possibility of joining Man City. This will be a real blockbuster transfer. No one ever thought Messi would ever come to play in the land of fog.

But besides Messi, another star is also about to enter the Premier League to play. The major newspapers in England simultaneously reported that Colombian attacking midfielder James Rodriguez was contacted by Everton. Everton would pay a transfer fee to Real Madrid to bring James back to Merseyside.

Coach Carlo Ancelotti wants to work with his former student while he was in charge of Real. After winning the World Cup top scorer in 2014, James moved from Monaco to Real.

He played his first season under coach Ancelotti. However, he then gradually lost his position when Zinedine Zidane came to power. It was also the time that the 2018/19 season was pushed to Bayern Munich on loan.

James Rodriguez may soon join Everton

Sky Sports said Everton will not borrow but buy James. This makes them being favored by Real because other teams only offer to borrow one season with the option to buy off. The price for James is expected to be no more than 30 million pounds and Everton can afford to pay.

Besides news about James Rodriguez, Sky Sports said an unnamed Premier League club contacted Philippe Coutinho to invite him to join. The possibility that technical South American attackers such as Messi, James, and Coutinho will kick together in the Premier League will make fans more excited before the new season.