Wimbledon 2020 is officially cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic (Part 2)

Attending the Wimbledon main tournament will bring money to cover the costs of training, moving, hiring teachers … and risks such as injuries. Like the 2019 season, Wimbledon 2020 is expected to receive a total of $ 49.5 million, of which the men’s singles and women’s singles will receive 3.06 million.

The award for the champion increased by 11.8% compared to the 2018 season. The prize money at US Open is 3.8 million USD. Meanwhile, the Australia Open offers 2.87 million USD prize and Roland Garros offers 2.46 million USD.

Wimbledon became the second highest prize pool in tennis, after the US Open ($ 53 million). The increase in total prize money means that the bonus for the eliminated players in any round increases. Last year alone, the first round of Wimbledon was pocketed 45,000 pounds (1.3 billion).

This year, the bonus has increased to 50,000 pounds (1.45 billion). The amount of prize money will be increased according to each round, depending on the performance of each player. So, for many players, the value of Grand Slams like Wimbledon lies in the prize money.

Over the past few years, the Grand Slam has increased the bonus up to 300%. Attending Grand Slams like Wimbledon is now an urgent need for many players, especially since they have lost too many tournaments this year due to Covid-19.

Some players have frankly said that the current situation is difficult. The prize money in the small tournaments is very small. Even just a few hundred dollars for qualifying matches.

After Wimbledon’s organizer announced the cancellation of the tournament in 2020, it was ATP’s turn to change the time the pro league system resumed, from June 7 to July 13. Many experts predict that the 2020 tennis season will soon be over. National sports may be back, but global sports will face challenges.

Australia Open 2020 is the only Grand Slam tournament to be held this year, with the champion being Novak Djokovic. Roland Garros was rescheduled for late September and the US Open was using the field as a field hospital. The possibility of these two Grand Slams taking place is not high.

Because the British government’s anti-Covid-19 measures lasted for months, we found it necessary to take responsible action to protect those who were affected when Wimbledon 2020 is canceled.