What are the most popular sports in the UK nowadays? (Part 2)


The history of tennis in the UK goes back hundreds of years. The most prestigious tennis event in England is the Wimbledon Championship. The Championship is one of four major tournaments with the others being the French Open (Roland-Garros), the American Open Tennis Championship, and the Australian Open.

Although tennis is an individual sport, it is the third most popular sport in the UK to attract sports enthusiasts, tourists, and critics around the world. Tennis in the UK is managed by the Lawn Tennis Association.

It invests most of its profits from in-game tournaments in the hopes of spawning world champions. The UK has come up with some of the best players in the game’s history including Greg Rusedski, Tim Henman, Andy Murray, Anne Keothavong, and Elena Baltacha.


Swimming is one of the biggest sports in the UK when it comes to participating. It’s even bigger than athletics according to Sports England (2014). Young people love and are passionate about swimming, with the majority joining a number of swimming events just for entertainment.

Speedway Grand Prix

In Speedway Grand Prix, to prevent teams from getting too strong and to ensure competitiveness in the competition, Elite and Premier Leagues have put in place a point limit. The annual Speedway Grand Prix in Cardiff is the main world championship. He hosts the annual World Cup Speedway semi-final.


Cricket was first embedded in the UK before spreading to the rest of the Commonwealth. The clubs compete in the district first-class championship every summer.

A Championship consists of two tournaments in which the matches are played over four days. Although Scotland and Ireland have their own cricket teams, this game is not as popular in two countries as it is in England and Wales.


The hockey rink ranks high on the UK’s list of popular sports. The success of hockey in the UK has fluctuated in recent years. The women’s team’s success in the 2016 Olympic Games raised the sport’s profile in the UK.


Rugby was once associated with the British elite. This sport is funded by the UK government and administered by the Rugby Rugby Football Federation.

There are two different types of rugby played in England with each having its own rules – rugby and rugby. Both have separate national teams and leagues in the constituent UK countries. National teams compete in various competitions including the Six Nation Championship and the Super League League rugby.

Above are the most popular sports in the UK nowadays.