The most outstanding sports athletes in the UK (Part 2)

Henry Cooper

Henry Cooper is a famous worldwide and British heavyweight boxer. He was twice awarded the title of “Athlete of the Year” by the Air Force version. The boxers were known to be sent to take down Mohamed Ali. He is the greatest black expert in the world of boxing, in one of those battles. Awarded the title of Knight of the British Empire.

In ancient Greece, the Olympic Games were considered the most important event. Therefore, the winners became true idols of their compatriots. They are considered heroes, glorified and praised, their statues placed on the main squares. Since that time, the names of the most famous champions have come to us.

Leonidas, a native of the island nation of Rhodes, has spoken at four Olympics in a row between 164 and 152 years. BC England has won 12 competitions such as simple runs, double runs, and runs in full combat equipment.

Milon of Croton

The famous strong man Milon of Croton has participated in seven Olympics. And of the six of them, he won, and in dangerous form like a punching battle.

And at that time, fighters not only did not use protective gloves but also wrapped fists and forearms with leather bands bearing metal insignia. You can imagine what kind of serious injury is a warrior who missed a hit in the head.

There are legends about Milon’s power. It is claimed that as a teenager he started raising a calf every day and continued this exercise, building muscle strength, even as the calf turned into a bull. It’s hard to say how believable this myth is. But, since the Greeks had a cult of physical strength, only a truly powerful person could become the hero of such legends.

Well, since the Olympics revived in the late nineteenth century, new heroes have emerged with names that will forever persist in sports history. He won a gold medal in three-step dance, receiving the unofficial title of The First First First.

The real hero of the first resurgent Olympic Games was Greek Spiridon Louis. He won the show’s most difficult form – the marathon. The compatriots jubilantly bathed him with numerous titles and awards.

Karl Lewis

Famous American athlete Karl Lewis, an athlete with extraordinary natural data, won four consecutive Olympic games from 1984 to 1996, and in various disciplines including running and jumping.

Famous American athlete Karl Lewis

Teofilo Stevenson

The great Cuban heavyweight fighter Teofilo Stevenson has become three times the Olympic champion.