Top the most successful football clubs in the UK

Football is well-known as the king of sports in the UK as well almost nations in the world. At the UK, football develops strongly with many talented clubs and players. Based on major honor rewards and prized, we will rank top the most successful clubs of the decade in the UK. Following this article and overview football history at the last decade.

Swansea and Birmingham – Only one major trophy

Both 2 clubs have the same ranking when they only receive one big prize during this decade.

The fact, Swansea made the first major trophy in their 101-year history when they defeated the League Two side Bradford City in the final match at the League Cup in 2013. This match was a memorial event for all members in Swansea. Although it was held at Wembley, the number of fans came and supported for Swansea was so huge. This was one of major reasons to remark the best trophy for football history in Swansea.

Whereas Birmingham reached success for the season 2010-2011 in the League Cup. Actually, when starting the league, Birmingham had not good performance when they suffered relegation. But they changed proper strategies to receive the Championship valuably in May.

Wigan – reaching one major trophy

The same ranking as Swansea and Birmingham, Wigan also reached winning a silverware after they were relegated in early period. They had a big storm when they defeated Manchester City in the final match of the FA Cup. Roberto Martinez and Ben Watson became the hero for this league when they scored goals to decide winning for Wigan. This is the first time they had one major trophy within 81-year of football history.

Leicester City – also having one major trophy

Leicester City is also ranked with one major trophy at the Premier League in 2015- 2016 season. Their achievements surpassed other teams to make meaningful reward for fans.