Top The Most Popular Sports in the United Kingdom

As referred from the previous article, the United Kingdom is house of famous sports in the world. Almost local love and practice a few sports as relaxing and boosting health better.

We will continue to list top the most popular sports in UK. Hope that it can provide useful information about UK to your demand.

4/ Netball

Netball is popular to play team by team, especially in the school and university. All students like playing netball because it boosts height better.

In UK, The Netball Super league is the biggest event annually. It has been broadcasted on Sky Sports from 2006 until now. All spectators are expecting to this season for netball.

5/ Ice Hockey

This is sport played on the ice field. This sport becomes popular in the winter. The weather is suitable for sledding in the ice.

Ice Hockey UK and the International Ice Hockey Federation are the main governing to be recognized and organized for all ice hockey in scale of nation.

This associations are responsible for management and arrangement of all events or champions in UK as well leading team to compete other teams all over the world.

Great Britain National Ice Hockey Team (for men) is the well-known Ice Hockey team of UK.

6/ Rowing

Rowing is one of common sports in UK, especially for family. All members can join rowing in occasion of picnic.

Furthermore, this sport becomes more professional when the association organize many clubs as the league annually. The Amateur Rowing Association is the key officials to connect and collect fan of rowing. They are also responsible to develop and organize international rowing teams in there. UK keeps role as the host of big champions.

We can list some famous clubs for rowing which become winner in many leagues before: Thames Rowing Club or Kingston Rowing Club.