Top the Most Popular Sports in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is a nation of professional athletes with almost famous sports. In UK, both expert and normal people like playing sports as a daily habit.

They treat sports as a compulsory job as well passion which have to practice every day. Following the previous article, we will list top the most popular sports in the UK. Hope that this information will create you some new stories about sports.

7/ Swimming

As far as we know, swimming is popular with everyone worldwide, both in the summer and winter for indoor and outdoor activities.

British Olympic Association and British Paralympic Association are main officials to be responsible for performance and achievement then organize training courses as well championships about swimming. Annually, there are hundreds of international swimming competitions to be hold in UK.

8/ Tennis

Wimbledon is a well-known tennis tournament which has origins from UK. There are many tennis clubs with other ranges in UK,

Tennis doesn’t not only attract sports lovers but also receive caring of sports critics. Thousands of tourists visit there to join the international tennis tournament every year.

9/ Badminton

Badminton has been appeared firstly in UK then spread to other nations. In 1893, the Badminton Association of England was founded to upgrade badminton growth better. This founder is extremely proud of becoming a key member of International Badminton Federation.

They usually consult to International Badminton Federation about development strategy, league structure and club structure of other nations.

10/ Rugby

Popularity of rugby has been increased recently because this sport brings many health benefits for player.

Rugby has origin from UK so the Government always encourage citizen to play it gradually. It seems a national sport, besides football.

As a good consequence, rugby becomes a major sport which is held in all areas in UK.