Top the best football players in the Premier League 2019

The premier league is considered as one of the most popular football events in the UK as well the world. Almost football fans are interested in the Premier League which is held yearly in the UK. In this article, we will share top the best football players in the Premier League in 2019. Following it to understand more news about the Premier League in the last season.

20/ Oleksandr Zinchenko

He is from Man city football club in the attacking midfielder position. The fact that it is new challenge for Oleksandr because in the past he usually plays at the full-backs position. But due to Benjamin Mendy and Danilo’s injuries, the coach prompted him to decision for new position.

It’s lucky for this change when Oleksandr can meet the coach’s expectation. He is really talented and flexible when moving other position among attacking midfilder or inverter full-back or overlapping by his perfect foot. Thanks for his contribution, many the fourth passes already have been created to reach goals for Man city. Finally, he is ranked the 20th in the table.

19/ Ashley Barnes

In general, the Premier League 2019, Ashley Barnes is the best football player for Burnley. He is the key gold-scorer for all football matches. In summary, Ashley reaches 4 goals and 1 assist in total five games for his team to beat Spurs and Brighton then get one point before Southampton which is the relegation rival.

18/ Aaron Wan-Bissaka

He is from Crystal Palace football club in the attacking defender position. Frankly, Aaron has been just joined his team in the last season but he is believed and given a strong pressure.

Finally, he Crystal Place has three wins, two draws and also one defeated time for total result. This success has been contributed by Aaron.