The most popular sport in the British as well as the UK (Part 3)

5. Racing

The speed sport in England has changed a bit since its inception in the 1920s. The country has three domestic speed tournaments – Elite, Premium and National Leagues. The Elite League is the highest domestic tournament in the country while the National League is a third-tier tournament to nurture the best players.

 The Speedway Grand Prix, held annually in Cardiff, is the main world championship. He hosts the annual World Cup Speedway semifinal.

4. Cricket

Cricket is England’s national sport although the country itself does not have its own team. Instead, it has a team with Wales. Cricket was first embedded in the United Kingdom.

There are 18 professional cricket clubs in the UK with the majority in the UK. The club competes in the county first division championship every summer. The championship consists of two tournaments in which matches are played for four days.

3. Hockey

Hockey ranks high on the list of popular sports in the UK. UK hockey teams have been successful in international games with the men’s team winning the 1988 Olympics and the women’s team winning the 2016 Olympics.

However, the hockey success in England has been fluctuating in recent years. It receives less TV coverage than other sports. The success of the women’s team in the 2016 Olympic Games has enhanced the profile of this sport in the UK.

2. Rugby

Football was once associated with the upper class in England. However, its popularity has increased over time to the point that it is one of the major sports in the country. Rugby is sponsored by the UK government and managed by the Rugby Rugby League.

There are two different types of rugby played in the UK with each having their own rules – rugby and rugby. Both have separate leagues and national teams in the constituent countries of the United Kingdom. National teams compete in various competitions including the Six Nation Championship and Super League League rugby.

1. Football

Football is an extremely popular sport played in the United Kingdom. In fact, every country in the United Kingdom has its own football association. Each country is also home to dozens of their own tournaments. The top league in England is called the FA Cup.

The origin of football is ancient and most likely came from China around the third century. The Football Association, however, originated in England, where it is still very popular. It is also the most popular sport in the world.