More than 2 thousand golf courses in the UK are temporarily closed

All more than 2 thousand golf courses and training fields at the ‘Homeland of golf‘ will be temporarily closed since the night of March 23, after British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a nationwide blockade, to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic.

The blockade was issued on March 23 by the British government to prevent all unnecessary travel by the British people for at least 3 weeks. Police will disperse gatherings and have the right to punish individuals who fail to comply with the new rules. Photo-Daily Mail

The British government will also close all shops selling non-essential goods including clothing shops and libraries, churches, sports grounds…

Golf courses in the UK will be closed for 21 days

Blockade orders also ban gatherings of 2 or more, but 2 people in the same house can go together. People can go out to exercise like running, walking. Any activities such as meeting friends, weddings, or mass ceremonies are not allowed, except in the case of funerals. The British police have the right to question and arrest fines for violations.

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, golf has been one of the few other sports in the UK not affected too much, as long as players are aware of the danger of the disease. However, with the new government regulations, golf courses are forced to stop operating.

The UK is the country with the largest number of golf courses and golfers in Europe. According to statista data, in 2017, England had about 2,500 golf courses and 1 million golfers. Next is Germany, with 731 yards and 645 golfer.

Last week, reported that 46.1% of golf courses (equivalent to 4,121 courses) in Europe, except for the UK, were temporarily closed due to the Covid-19 epidemic. Countries including France, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, the Netherlands and Norway also suspended golf activities during this period. Similar measures are applied in Denmark, Austria, Belgium, Poland and the Czech Republic.

The red countries stopped playing golf last week

With a full blockade order in place for at least 3 weeks, British people will have to stay indoors and only get out for a number of good reasons. New restrictions were unprecedented in the UK in peacetime.

As of March 23, the number of people with Covid-19 in the UK was 6,650, including 335 deaths. Meanwhile, the British Foreign Office is calling on foreign citizens to return to the UK as soon as possible. There are about 1 million Britons who are traveling, working and working abroad.