Learn about the history and development of boxing (Part 2)

What is Lightweight?

In fighting martial arts, lightweight is the name of a group of boxers with a certain weight (also known as weight class). Depending on the different martial arts, different weight classes are divided. For example, Boxing’s lightweight weight class will have a different weight than MMA’s lightweight.

Weight class divisions in amateur boxing

Here are the weight classes available in amateur boxing, one of the most popular sport in the UK.

Light flyweight (under flies): From 46 to 49 kilograms

Flyweight (fly class): 49 – 52 kilograms

Bantamweight (chicken class): 52 to 56 kg

Lightweight (light weight): 56 – 60 kg

Light welterweight (semi-midrange): 60 to 64 kilograms

Welterweight (medium term): 64 – 69 kilograms

Middleweight (medium): 69 – 75 kg

Light heavyweight (under heavyweight): 75 to 81 kilograms

Heavyweight (heavyweight): 81 – 91 kg

Super heavyweight: Over 91 kilograms

So what is Lightweight? – Lightweight in martial arts is understood to be light and is a group of boxers weighing from 56 – 60 kg (Boxing) competing together to compete.

Lightweight boxing match

According to the competition rules of the London ring, each boxing match will be divided into several rounds and only stop and select the winner when one of the two fighters is Knockout. In case a fighter is beaten on the floor after 30 seconds and cannot stand up, he/she will lose.

A special feature is that during this period, the athlete participating in the competition is allowed to use the wrestling moves during competition. By 1865, Queens Beery VIII (British marquis) reformulated the boxing rule into a more professional and sporty rule than each match would only play 3 innings and each round only lasts 3 minute.

In 1872, Queens Beery’s code was officially applied in boxing matches. Broughton’s principle later applied to professional boxing and the Queens Beery rule applied to amateur boxing. The year 1904 marked a historic milestone for boxing when it was included in the program of the world’s largest sports Olympics (Olympics) for the first time and became a competitive martial art.