How to play Cricket

Cricket is a global sport which you can play everywhere with your team. It has a great history from 16th century in England. Annually, there are various kind of cricket championships taken place in this home nation like Britain’s club championships, England’s national summer sport or cups for teens…

How to play Cricket

In England, cricket is played with a bat and ball and two teams of 11 players. There are some positions like batsmen, bowlers, fielders and wicket keepers.

You will play cricket on the grass field with a circumference around 200m. The edge of the field is boundary edge to determine line between playing inside and outside.

Your mission is reaching more scores than your opponent. To score a run, you need to use a cricket bat made from the wood and then hit the ball. You should beat your opposing team by the minimum running rounds or restrict them in the allocated time. Overcoming them in the targeted time, your team becomes winner.

Players & equipment

As above referred about component of per team. We will discuss more detail about role of per position.

Firstly, wicket keepers are in the center of the pitch. As rule, wicket keepers will have two of three stumps at 2 points and be about 22 yards apart in distance.

Secondly, batsmen will wear spiked shoes and white clothing uniform. This role is very important so they have to use safe accessories like leg guards, gloves, thigh guards, a chest guards or ginner thigh guards and a box. It helps players to avoid accidents or injury.

Whereas, the bowler will try to receive the cricket ball from the end side of the batsmen.


When you reach more scores in the allotted time, you have higher opportunity to become the winner. When finish fixed time, referee will collect total scores of both teams and dominate the winner.