About Liverpool football club

Football in English is well-known as the king of sport in this nation as well all over the world. In this article, we will share stories about Liverpool football club which is one of the most famous clubs in UK.

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Liverpool FC has a full name as Liverpool Football Club. It is an English professional football club with series of title and championship in the English football history. In general, they reach six European Cup trophies as well eighteen English leagues. They always rank the top leading football team in English.

Since Liverpool FC was founded in 1892, this club is internationally the most UK successful club all the time. Until now, Liverpool FC is still considered as one of the most popular football teams in the world.

About history of Liverpool FC

The first president of Liverpool FC was John Houlding who took advantage of the rights to Anfield stadium to create new club for himself. In 1892, it was founded fast and smoothly.

Then they joined as a member of the national UK Football League in 1893. From this event, Liverpool FC continued to promote the ranking for seasons. As a good consequence, they won English League titles in 1901, 1906, 1922 and 1923. They expressed they were the first division.

The Bill Shankly era

After the second war period, Liverpool FC entered a period of mediocrity, even they continued to culminate with the ranking in 1954. They couldn’t keep their achievement for other leagues.

Until 1947, Liverpool FC was changed one president with expectation about improvement. The new manager was Bill Shankly. The first order of Bill Shankly was to release the entire first team. Then he changed the storage room of this club into the Boot Room which served the secret meetings of coaches in the next three decades.