Top the best sports to bet on in 2019

Sports betting is thriving more than ever in the United Kingdom because of the innovations in smart mobile and computer for online betting. Now you only need to stay at home and place betting to your favorite team easily. This article will discuss top the best sports to bet on in 2019 in UK.

1/ Horse racing

Horse racing is well known in the UK in a long history. As consequence, horse racing also becomes a popular sport to bet on in 2019. It has a huge market to place like: as the Grand National, Epsom Derby, Royal Ascot or Glorious Goodwood.

Weekly, there are many horse races to be held in the UK so it is called as a global sport.

2/ Football

Football is the king of all sports so it is also a big business for betting in UK where it is home country. Estimated that millions of fans come to the UK annually to support their football team in the leagues. So betting and football become familiar and developed together.

Almost all football events are prior to place betting online because the bookmakers understand popularity as well love of people for the king sport.

3/ Golf

Golf also is on the top the best sport betting. There are so many opportunities, odds and variable outcomes from this sport. A part of reason is novelty of this game so they need to make great promotion to attract gamblers. Another reason is the component of player. Because high class people can have enough budget to play golf, the odd should be higher accordingly to match with player.

4/ Boxing

Recently, pay-per-view boxing matches in the UK have more spectators to see. So it proves that boxing is far from a dead sport. Many England people are getting interested in this sport. So it is no surprise that betting in golf is popular and on the top the best rank.