The British have made great progress in athletics

Under the intense cheering of home audiences, British strong sports such as sailing or bicycles have won an almost absolute victory. But the “unimaginable” success of the British in athletics as Olympic’s “queen” sport truly makes a difference.

If four years ago, England only earned a gold medal in the women’s 400m content of athlete Christine Ohuruogu, in London this year, they had up to 3 athletics gold medals in the content. 3 female coordination, long jump male and 10,000m male. Now the number of British gold medals in athletics has even equaled Jamaica with “superheroes” Usain Bolt is dominating the Olympics or Ethiopia with marathon runners without opponents.

And if the hope Mo Farah of England won the last gold medal in the 5,000m content, England will stand on par with Russia with 4 gold medals in athletics, only after the US team. The position of the British track and field has changed quickly with the Olympic sport considered to be the most important.

England has experienced a fierce marathon to host the Olympics in London. Now, the British athletes are winning again on the track making England seem to be drunk in the running. Everywhere, Olympic is always the hottest topic in every good story in every newspapers. The English fans who had previously been primarily interested in football or rugby had also devoted to athletics in a worthy position. Audiences are always packed with the Olympic Stadium to watch the games, the big screens are everywhere and serve the audience from early morning until the end of a day of competition.

Obviously, athletics are the most-watched subjects these days. People like the golden girl Jessica Ennis is becoming the new idol of the British youth.

Athletics are loved at the Olympics because it shows the natural power of people with the criteria “Faster, Stronger, Farther”. Each percent of seconds that brings victory is every step that shows unlimited capacity of people. Audience and home advantage are strong motivations for British athletes to win victories. But there is no denying their remarkable progress when winning gold medals in athletics continuously. Britain deserves to receive congratulations not only for its success in the organization but also for admiring admiration when they are winning incredible victories in one of the most classic sports of mankind.